Gas Station Revives Retro Service to Allay Fears

In Atlanta, a retailer is offering gas “valets” to combat a rash of “slider” crimes.

April 13, 2018

SOUTH FULTON, Ga. – A slew of recent carjackings and theft from “sliders” (thieves who steal items when customers pump gas) has a Shell station in South Fulton, Ga., reaching back into the past with a “gas-valet” service, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

“They pump your gas. They go get your receipt,” said Sarah Cainion, a recent customer. “They come and clean your windows for you and everything.”

The service provides an extra measure of safety for customers by keeping them in their cars, rather than outside pumping gas. The Shell manager turned back the clock to bring on fullservice gas pumps as a way to calm customer fears.

The valets say customers have been appreciative of the extra service. “They're happy that we're out here doing a service for them,” one said, “so it can keep them protected and safe.”

For Cainion, it’s been great. “Tell them how much gas to put in,” she said, “and after they put the gas in, they get the receipt and they tell you have a great day.”

An app allows for customers to prepay for the fuel, which the attendant pumps. Currently, gas valets perform their duties for free, but soon customers will pay a $2 fee for the service.