Leadership Events & Programs

In a constantly changing world, it is more important than ever that industry leaders have vision, strategic planning skills, and a keen focus on delivering profits. NACS Leadership programs are the platform for success through exceptional, industry-specific and long-term development solutions for all the key people in your organization.

In today's competitive market, skilled leadership is essential for survival and success. NACS offers several distinct leadership opportunities to guide the leaders of today and shape the leaders of tomorrow.

NACS Leadership Forum
The NACS Leadership Forum is a world-class event that brings together a broad base group of retailers and suppliers to provide thought leadership relevant to our industry, strengthen existing relationships and build new business relationships.

NACS Foundations of Personal Leadership
The foundations of personal leadership are the soft skills and interpersonal skills that form the basis for customer-service excellence, team engagement, and a positive company environment. NACS has a core belief that everyone can be a leader, regardless of title, because everyone can role-model constructive behaviors that promote culture, customer centricity and business results. This course is intended for front line staff members and is delivered at your store location by a Certified NACS Trainer.

NACS Leadership for Success
The NACS Leadership for Success program provides rising leaders in the industry an invaluable opportunity to discover personal strengths that they can use to grow their career while creating a more profitable performance-oriented environment within their company.

NACS Executive Leadership Program at Cornell
The NACS Executive Leadership Program at Cornell is designed for mid- to senior-level retail management preparing to take on key leadership roles in retail companies. This program gives participants the leadership skills needed to successfully respond to the challenges of a competitive marketplace.

NACS Financial Leadership Program at Wharton
The NACS Financial Leadership Program is an intense and exclusive five-day program designed for high-potential executives who have been challenged by their companies to expand their financial insights and, in turn, provide greater value to their organizations.

NACS Marketing Leadership Program at Kellogg
The NACS Marketing Leadership Program is designed for mid to senior level marketing executives looking to enhance their knowledge in topics such as branding, consumer experience and analytics.

NACS Women’s Leadership Program at Yale
Designed for women executives to develop critical skills including developing strategic perspective and decision making, understanding and honing leadership style, improving executive presence and leveraging diversity to accelerate innovation.