Industry Update Luncheons - Hunter Club

NACS Hunter Club Companies are allowed the following number of Industry Update Luncheon event invitations: 

Gold: 8 Luncheons
Silver: 4 Luncheons
Bronze: 2 Luncheons

The event invitations may be applied to any of the cities, but companies are limited to the total amount listed above by member classification. In addition, to maintain a consistent ratio of retailers and suppliers, each Hunter Club company may send a maximum of two individuals per event. For example, a Bronze member company can send a maximum of two people to two different luncheons and a Silver member company can send up to two people to four different luncheons.

These events are frequently sold out, so you may experience waitlist for certain cities as we manage the retailer to supplier ratio.

Registration opens 4-6 weeks prior to the event.

2023 Dates

January 31
Costa Mesa, CA
Registration Opens Mid-December

February 2
Pleasanton, CA
Registration Opens Mid-December

February 17
Richmond, VA

February 23
Honolulu, HI

May 1
Bloomington, MN

3 Additional Locations
(Co-location with State Association events)

Dates/Locations Pending
Event registration fees may apply