What Consumers Say About C-Store Jobs

NACS consumer surveys consistently show that Americans believe convenience stores are a great starting point for a career.

For people new to the workforce, convenience stores provide valuable experiences and are a great training ground for developing life-long skills. The fast-paced environment at a c-store offers many growth opportunities for problem-solving, interacting with customers and being part of a team. These types of attributes give people who have worked in a convenience store a huge advantage throughout their career.

Here's supporting information retailers can incorporate into their own story:

A nationwide NACS consumer survey found that nearly nine in 10 Americans say that convenience stores provide a good starting point for a career, and more than one in seven Americans say they have worked in a c-store and would recommend a c-store job to others. Survey respondents also say that convenience store jobs present great opportunities for establishing workplace skills.


Among those who worked in a convenience store, several factors that contributed to their positive experiences:


These survey results are in line with results from similar NACS surveys over the past two previous years that found convenience store jobs provide a valuable opportunity to learn business skills that can be applied throughout someone’s career.