Consumers Express Annoyance with Chip Credit Cards

Some are avoiding retailers that require dipping the chip.
December 01, 2015

SHREWSBURY, Mass. – Some consumers have been avoiding retailers that require the new chip-enabled credit cards because of the annoyance factor with dipping the chip, reports. That’s among the results of a new survey by the Mercator Advisory Group.

The group of “avoiding” customers is relatively small at 7% of those who have a new EMV card and have used it. However, young adults were close to twice as likely (13%) to contend that they “avoid stores that force me to dip my chip.”

“While consumers want the added security, [they] are having issues with the early implementation of it,” said Karen Augustine, who authored the survey report and is Mercator manager of primary data services. “U.S. merchants have not yet widely implemented the EMV card readers, but it’s happening more and more. With the holiday season, new implementations may have difficulty managing customer experience.”

Part of the frustration likely stems from encounters with poorly implemented EMV readers or delays in checkout at slow EMV POS stations. Meanwhile, most customers have adapted to the new cards, but are concerned that not every retailer has the EMV readers.

The survey did have good news in that 34% of EMV cardholders said they “appreciate stores that enable me to use my chip.” Hopefully, both consumers and retailers will continue to weather the adjustment period to EMV cards without too much frustration.