Leadership Unlocks Employee Performance

NACS Show educational session shows how the NACS Leadership for Success program teaches leaders to drive business results.
September 20, 2017

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Want to know how to be a better leader? Then come hear the initiatives and results from this year’s NACS Leadership for Success program during the “Leadership for Success” educational session taking place October 18 at the upcoming NACS Show in Chicago.

The NACS Leadership for Success program runs six months and combines classroom learning and real-world application of leadership skills. Participants spend time better understanding their individual leadership behaviors and learning practical skills that can help them be more effective every day. After the weeklong onsite program, participants go back to their organizations and test a variety of leadership concepts to develop employees, increase employee retention, and improve store profitability in the convenience store environment.

During the Show session, attendees will hear from two teams about the practical application of leadership skills that made a difference in employee commitment and business results. “This is a great opportunity to hear how colleagues in the c-store industry are applying leadership skills every day,” said Joanne M. Loce, the facilitator of Leadership for Success and moderator of the sessions. “These sessions highlight how leadership concepts come to life in real ways, in real stores, and with real people.”

Earlier this year, the 20 program participants spent a week at Carter Hall Conference Center in Millwood, Virginia, reflecting on their personal leadership styles, evaluating their core values, learning about different leadership concepts and tools, and engaging in exercises that demonstrated how leadership skills can be applied to everyday work experiences. Lisa Dell’Alba, NACS board member and president/CEO of Square One Markets, and Larry Jackson, managing director for Good To Go Markets, co-facilitated the session and provided even greater context of how these leadership skills can be applied in the c-store environment to improve business results.

“Larry and Lisa provide rich examples of how they have embraced leadership challenges throughout their career in the industry. Their insights are invaluable to our program attendees,” Loce said. Teams learned how to better engage employees at the store level, motivate them to perform better, recognize individual and group efforts, and manage stress and wellness in the fast-paced convenience store environment.

The Leadership for Success educational sessions at the Show will feature program attendees presenting an account of their leadership journey. “The personal and leadership transitions that take place as a result of attending this program are an endorsement to the statement ‘you get out of something what you put into it.’ They will share their leadership goals that they defined during the weeklong program, what they have done back at their stores, and how they are measuring that success,” Loce said.

As you make your plans for the NACS Show, be sure to add “Leadership for Success” to your schedule! Registration for this year’s NACS Show is open at www.nacsshow.com.