Don’t Assume You Know Your Customers, Study Them

Free webcast offers simple methods to boost digital adoption, while reducing time to market and upfront costs.
July 10, 2018

For digital products such as mobile payment apps to be successful, they must be in tune with actual consumer behavior. A free Stuzo webcast, “Developing Digital Solutions Right the First Time,” provides retailers insights on how to take a customer-first digital product approach that results in lower expenses and increased engagement.

The webinar is designed to help retailers:

  • Gain powerful insights on leveraging their customer base when designing and building products and services
  • Quantify the value of taking a consumer-first approach
  • Discover practical tactics to help guide teams toward consumer-driven solutions

Drawing on best practices from Design Thinking, Lean and Agile approaches, the webcast covers the digital product innovation lifecycle and shows how retailers can successfully implement it. The 8-minute webcast discusses the importance of ethnographic research and provides two case studies showing how in-depth interviews and customer observations provided critical information that proved assumptions wrong.

The webcast shows how companies can take steps, once challenges are identified, to build or reprioritize their product roadmap, and then measure how well they are doing. Among other topics, the webcast addresses different types of indicators such as number of downloads or app transactions, and which ones are most significant to track.

Webcast participants can ask questions in real-time as well as download a white paper for future reference.