RECAP: Leveraging Remote Monitoring Across 10,000 C-Stores

This webinar discussed how to improve operational efficiency with seamless multisite operations.

March 06, 2024

Last week, NACS shared the webinar Leveraging Remote Monitoring Across 10,000 C-stores for Seamless Multisite FM Operations.

In this webinar, Basant Singhatwadia, director of customer success at Facilio, and Jonathon Wolter, director of sales at Tutenlabs, discussed the importance of a unified software-led approach to manage end-to-end store operations.

“In my two decades of working in the facilities management operations space, it’s been very clear to me that the benefits of AI and machine learning will not be possible in the near future for this space. The reasons are quite obvious. Facility management needs are still served by siloed solutions and monitoring solutions do not speak with the maintenance solutions,” Singhatwadia said. In addition to making AI integration impossible, there are other implications.

“Monitoring systems are rarely tied to energy management solutions. And the cost adds up. The chaos of not being able to get data in one place causes expensive reporting solutions to be built over top of these,” Singhatwadia said. “You need solutions that can filter out the noise and present actionable information.”

Wolter shared a case study of how Tutenlabs was able to unify maintenance and monitoring as well as streamline operations for a major operator with 10,000 locations. The company wanted to improve operational excellence, reduce energy and product waste and improve the employee experience.

Wolter said Tutenlabs was able to affect that many stores at once through its IoT remote monitoring and by offering a comprehensive remote monitoring service. The Facilio platform allows organizations to draw information from various sources and aggregate that information into one visual experience that allows companies to take action, Wolt explained.

“We were able to detect anomalies and inefficiencies in real time at multiple locations,” said Wolter. “We could analyze hundreds of thousands of alarms for multiple locations and prioritize actionable alarms according to their business rules.”

To learn more about remote monitoring and the Facilio platform, view the full webinar.