PDI Puts Great Focus on Consumer Brands With New GasBuddy Offers

The strategy also includes enhanced data and customer-focused structures.

March 01, 2024

PDI Technologies has expanded its consumer engagement strategy, the company said in a statement.

Brands that target consumers now can provide exclusive in-store offers to the community of active users of PDI’s GasBuddy app. PDI acquired GasBuddy in 2021.

“The GasBuddy audience represents over 20 million active users annually, offering substantial scale for brand and retail partners across the ecosystem,” said Todd Gulbransen, senior vice president, consumer programs and marketing, PDI Technologies. “The integration of enhanced in-app communications includes advertising and offers that provide value for the everyday c-store shopper, while also delivering expanded reach and critical insights for brands and retailers.”

PDI also is assembling dedicated teams of account executives, business development partners and sales representatives focused on the consumer space. These teams include associates with backgrounds in data and the CPG market from their previous positions with consumer and research companies. Additionally, the company created the role of senior vice president, partner development, to guide the new teams.

“We’re investing in the way we work with leading consumer-focused brands and services throughout the convenience ecosystem,” said Hudson. “By creating more opportunities for targeted marketing and consumer reach with GasBuddy, increasing emphasis on data efficiency and cleanliness, and decisively allocating resources to serve CPGs and brands, we’re better aligned to help our customers achieve their growth goals.”

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