Love’s Launches Employee Education Benefit

The “Fuel Your Growth” program will offer tuition-free education classes and skills training.

June 04, 2024

Love’s Travel Stops is now offering its 40,000 full- and part-time employees access to tuition-free education and skill development. In partnership with Guild, the retailer launched the “Fuel Your Growth” learning program, which will allow team members to complete high school degrees and undergraduate degree programs, participate in bootcamps, obtain certifications and take language learning classes at no cost.

Employees can also map and grow their career path through the Guild Career Opportunity Platform, which offers career services, one-on-one coaching support and more.

“When we make the decision to hire someone, we intend to support them from the day they are hired until they retire,” said Les Thompson, chief human resources officer of Love’s. “By investing in the growth of Love’s talented team, we meet them where they are in their learning and development journey while eliminating prohibitive cost barriers. Guild’s comprehensive and industry leading opportunities align with our culture, and we are proud to continue to lead the way in benefits and career opportunities.”

Love’s said it is the first travel stop operator to offer a company-funded tuition assistance program through Guild. Employees must have been with the company for 30 days before they are eligible for the program and be in good standing with the company. Love’s said the education programs are “designed for working adults and help employees balance work and learning simultaneously.”

“A program through Guild aligns with my goals of furthering my education, which is important because it broadens my skill set and fosters creativity and innovation which allows me to contribute fresh ideas and perspectives in my Love’s career,” said Jacquie Stamps, IT portfolio management analyst for Love’s. “Love’s investment in my continued education is a personal commitment to my growth and signifies the company values me not just as an employee but also as an individual.”