Deadline to File for Visa, Mastercard Settlement Fast Approaching

Claims to the $5.5B Payment Card Settlement are due May 31, 2024.

January 26, 2024

The claims process for the $5.6 billion antitrust class-action settlement consisting of more than 12 million retailers began in earnest on December 1, 2023, as claim forms began to be mailed out.

Businesses that accepted Visa and/or Mastercard between January 1, 2004, and January 25, 2019, are eligible to claim a share of the settlement.

Retailers and shop owners and others are encouraged to submit a claim before the claim period closes May 31, 2024.

To receive a payment, a business must file a claim before the claim period ends. Some class members will need to take additional steps and provide supporting data to show their share of eligible payment card transactions and/or interchange fees during the period.

Retailers can submit online or mail the completed claim form to the settlement administrator.

Another method to submit is by scanning the unique QR code on your claim form. The QR code will open a personalized, secure page in the claims portal that is prefilled with your unique credentials. For most class members, where data is available, it will also prefill your interchange fees paid during the 15-year class period, to the extent data is available.

No-cost assistance is available from the settlement administrator and Class Counsel.

Your claim amount will be calculated based upon a percentage of the interchange fees your business paid during the Class Period as well as a variety of other factors, including the total number of valid claims received. Claim amounts will be calculated and processed following the close of the claims period.

But, you will not receive anything unless you submit a claim by the deadline. Only those actually submitting a claim can recover from the settlement fund.

If you didn't receive a claim form or can't find your claim form, contact the settlement administrator at or 1-800-625-6440.