360Fuel Approved for First Automated Fueling System with Customer Recognition

Three of the company’s models received the NTEP Weights and Measures Certificate of Conformance.

April 08, 2024

Houston, Texas-based 360Fuel announced it is the first company to obtain the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) Certificate of Conformance for an automated fueling system that uses customer recognition technology.

According to the press release, the patented system is the first of its kind to incorporate advanced customer recognition technology. The company said that with this approval, it is “poised to redefine convenience and efficiency in the fueling sector, setting a new standard for customer experience and automated services at fueling stations.”

"The NTEP Certificate of Conformance underscores our dedication to innovation, quality and adherence to North American standards. We are committed to providing customers with a secure, efficient and user-friendly fueling experience, coupled with an automated site and supply chain platform for retailers," stated Werlien Prosperie III, CEO of 360Fuel.

360Fuel’s retail motor fuel dispenser models that received the Weights and Measures Certificate of Conformance (including the TRON, B360F, and DEF-1 models) feature automated payment, fuel selection and personalized merchandising through the patented 360 customer recognition system, NFC and card reader compatibility, in-dispenser point-of-sale systems, multilanguage support and enhanced remote supportability.

The company stated that the certification, recognized across the United States and through a mutual recognition arrangement (MRA) with Canada, validates 360Fuel's RMFDs for widespread commercial use across North America.