Rovertown Debuts Industry-First Integration Store

C-stores can now use the feature to fully customize their mobile apps.

September 25, 2023

Rovertown, a mobile app platform for c-stores, is debuting its new Integration Store. Because the Rovertown platform is fully agnostic, retailers can now browse and select from dozens of native features and third-party integrations powered by leading technology vendors.

“We will look back and see this as a major turning point for convenience store mobile apps,” says Mike Philip, CEO and co-founder of Rovertown. “From our inception, we've held the belief that retailers shouldn't be confined to inflexible, pre-built apps with limited functionality nor should they be burdened by expensive custom solutions. Our vision is a world where retailers freely choose their technology partners and shape digital engagement according to their unique needs.”

Although Rovertown integrates with leading vendors for loyalty marketing, mobile payments, mobile ordering, car wash subscriptions, age verification and more, retailers previously lacked a way to explore and choose integrations or native features in a self-service format. The Integration Store allows retailers to craft mobile apps aligned with their brand's vision and essential goals.

Upcoming additions will feature in-depth tutorials via RoverUniversity, new native capabilities, more integrations and advanced automation.

“Shopify proved that standing against Amazon doesn’t mean you have to be Amazon. In the same vein, retailers don’t need vast development teams like Starbucks or Chick-fil-A to secure a spot on the home screens of their customers’ phones,” says Jeffry Harrison, president and co-founder of Rovertown. “Other companies have their core functionality at heart, whereas our job is to sit on your side of the table to help you choose the right integrations for your customers.”

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