EG Group to Acquire Tesla Chargers for Network in UK and Europe

The company hopes to eventually roll out 20,000 chargers.

November 16, 2023

The EG Group and Tesla have reached a deal for the ultra-fast charging units for its growing EV charging business in the UK and Europe. As noted in the press release:

  • The chargers will be branded “evpoint.”
  • The hardware will operate on an open network basis, meaning that all drivers will be able to access evpoint chargers regardless of the vehicle they drive.
  • The chargers will support the plug-and-charge protocol, which simplifies and automates payments.
  • The first of the new charger units are expected to roll out before the end of the year.

Zuber Issa, founder and co-CEO of EG Group, said, “Securing this best-in-class equipment from Tesla marks another milestone for evpoint and is hugely exciting for us. It is the first deal of its kind entered into by Tesla with a third-party charge point operator in Europe and will transform how our customers charge their vehicles and how they interact with EG. Since installing our first EV charger back in 2012, we have continued to invest in the technology.”

Imraan Patel, chief strategy and business officer of EG Group, said, “Our aim is to deliver a three-pronged strategy to help us reach our energy transition goals. These include EV charging, supporting alternative forms of vehicular fuel and broader carbon reduction, all of which are central to our strategy of helping the world transition to a lower carbon future. We have made significant progress to date on EV charging, with more than 600 chargers across 189 sites already deployed and a pipeline prepared with an ambition for evpoint to roll out more than 20,000 chargers across 3,600 of our own sites over time with opportunities across third-party locations also being pursued.”