At Convenience Summit Asia, NACS Recognizes 4 Outstanding Retailers

The awards recognize excellence in sustainability and technology and honor a leader and retailer of the year.

March 06, 2023

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—At the NACS Convenience Summit Asia, which took place February 28-March 2 in Bangkok, three outstanding companies were recognized, as well as one outstanding industry leader. The winners were:

  • Mr. Lei Zhu, Asian Convenience Industry Leader of the Year
  • Central Food Retail Company, Retail Sustainability Award
  • FamilyMart Co. Ltd., Retail Technology Award
  • Jiangxi Ledoujia, Retailer of the Year Award

For more than a decade, the NACS Convenience Summit Asia has hosted the NACS Convenience Retail Awards Asia-Pacific. This prestigious competition recognizes outstanding achievements in the Asian retail communities. The awards—judged by the pillars of the convenience industry—provide one of the greatest benchmarks of global convenience retailing excellence.

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Mr. Lei Zhu Wins Asian Convenience Industry Leader of the Year Award

Mr. Lei Zhu (Dan), general manager of PetroChina uSmile Co. Ltd, has been named the Convenience Industry Leader Asia-Pacific. Mr. Zhu accepted the award, sponsored by PepsiCo, on March 1 at NACS Convenience Summit Asia.

The Asian Convenience Industry Leader of the Year award recognizes that progress is not only driven by innovative companies, but by the energies, determination and inspiration of the individuals who lead them. This award honors the contribution of the most successful and influential Asian convenience industry leader of 2022 who best personified excellence, dedication and influence in the Asian convenience retail community throughout 2021.

PetroChina uSmile built the Chongli uSmile flagship store for the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022. This shop sold Olympic mascots and souvenirs. The company undertakes social responsibility, vigorously supports the development of poverty alleviation and actively participates in poverty alleviation. During COVID-19, the PetroChina uSmile Company where Mr. Zhu worked demonstrated important state-owned enterprise responsibilities in terms of staff epidemic prevention and material supply. For example, when mask supplies were tight, the company organized relevant resources to work overtime to produce much-needed protective masks and disinfectant alcohol, ensuring the protection and health needs of community customers.

“From his humble beginnings as a salesclerk and as one of the founders of uSmile, Dan has not only excelled at leading PetroChina's convenience business, but he is also a supporter of China Chain Store and Franchise Association (CCFA) and NACS,” said NACS President and CEO Henry O. Armour, Ph.D.

Central Food Retail Company Wins Retail Sustainability Award

Leading global convenience retailers, business and industry experts named Bangkok-based Central Food Retail Company the winner of the 2023 Convenience Retail Sustainability Asia-Pacific award for its “Renew” strategy for sustainable retail. Central Food Retail representatives received the award, sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company, on March 1 at NACS Convenience Summit Asia.

Central Retail has set long-term goals to reach net zero by 2050, along with short-term 2030 goals that include: reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30%, incorporating more eco-friendly packaging, with 100% implementation across the business, reducing waste by 30%, and navigating societal wellbeing by generating THB 5,400 million per year for local communities.

“Central Retail’s sustainability commitment starts with embedding sustainable thinking in our internal culture and mindset, building on the highest standards of ESG practices across all levels of employees and throughout the entire value chain of our business. We have also placed long-term roadmaps that require consistent action and collaboration across all units. Central Retail intends to pass on this mission to the next generation of management members, and we will continue to take on this important role so we can pass on a promising future for the generations to come,” said Mr. Yol Phokasub, chief executive officer of Central Retail.

Central Retail is the leading multiformat and multicategory retailing platform in Thailand. The company offers a wide range of consumer products under various convenience store and supermarket and hypermarket brands such as Tops, Tops Food Hall, Tops Fine Food, Tops CLUB, FamilyMart, Big C/GO! Vietnam, Lanchi Mart, and go!.

“While sustainability is the responsibility of everyone, from individuals to major corporations, Central Retail's strategy of embedding sustainability in the organization's culture is key to ensuring the long-term success of their initiatives,” said NACS President and CEO Henry O. Armour, Ph.D.

FamilyMart Co. Ltd. Wins Retail Technology Award

FamilyMart Co. Ltd. received the NACS Convenience Retail Technology Award Asia-Pacific for its new unmanned convenience store concept. FamilyMart representatives received the award, sponsored by Gilbarco Veeder-Root, on March 1 at NACS Convenience Summit Asia.

In March 2021, FamilyMart and technology solutions provider Touch To Go (TTG) opened Japan’s first standalone cashier-less Famima!! convenience store (“conbini”). The store is located near Tokyo Station on the first floor of the Sapita Tower building. TTG’s unmanned payment system offers the convenience of being able to shop in a short amount of time. The system recognizes in real time the customers who entered the store and the products they pick from cameras throughout the store. Upon exiting, the purchased items and the total amount are displayed at the payment terminal and customers can pay with Famipay, transportation electronic money, credit and cash. FamilyMart’s unmanned format will enable the company to open new stores in micro markets and improve the customer experience.

“The evolution of retail technology is constantly improving to enhance operations and the customer experience. FamilyMart has revolutionized this technology with an unmanned store solution, providing customers a convenient and efficient experience while optimizing store operations for existing and new ventures. Gilbarco Veeder-Root places great value on enhancing the customer experience, and FamilyMart’s innovation underscores the importance of introducing new technologies to gain competitive advantage in the market. GVR congratulates all the award contenders and are proud to present this coveted prize to FamilyMart,” said Kevin White, SEA Managing Director of Gilbarco Veeder-Root and sponsor of the NACS Convenience Retail Technology Award.

“Convenience retailers across the globe are looking at ways to speed service, drive productivity and essentially enhance the customer experience. FamilyMart’s use of award-winning technology is a great example of using technology to solve real-world retailer challenges,” said NACS President and CEO Henry Armour, Ph.D.

Jiangxi Ledoujia Wins Retailer of the Year Award

Jiangxi Ledoujia received the NACS Convenience Retailer of the Year Award Asia-Pacific for its Fun Bean Convenience Store concept. Jiangxi Ledoujia representatives received the award, sponsored by The Hershey Co., on March 1 at NACS Convenience Summit Asia.

In 2012, Jiangxi Ledoujia founded Fun Bean Convenience Store as its new generation of convenience stores in China. Fun Bean is redefining convenience in an innovative way by breaking traditional operating rules of catering convenience store retail service. It has become a regional leading enterprise in Jiangxi retail industry. Fun Bean employs more than 1,000 people and had monthly sales volume of nearly 100 million yuan in 2020. In recent years, the annual compound growth rate has been maintained at more than 60%. The number of Fun Bean stores are expected to exceed 800 by the end of 2023.

In 2022, Jiangxi Ledoujia unveiled a new corporate mission—surprise everywhere—and values—responsibility, embrace change, hard work, symbiosis and win-win—that define the company’s direction.

After 10 years of development, Fun Bean has transformed the market and realized success with its strategies that revolve around “instant consumer retail,” the integration of multiple channels and networks, the application of big data, the upgrading and transformation of the production, circulation and sales process of commodities, the reshaping of the business structure and ecosystem, and the deep integration of online services, offline experiences and modern logistics.

The NACS Convenience Retailer of the Year Award Asia-Pacific honors stores that break new ground and set new innovative standards for the industry. The judges agreed, Jiangxi Ledoujia has broken new ground for the convenience industry in its region.