FBT Enterprises Acquires SHOPCO USA

Additionally, JJ’s Bakery buys family-owned baked goods company Cookies-n-Milk.

January 23, 2023

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—FBT Enterprises has acquired SHOPCO USA and intends to continue to operate the maker of shelving and fixtures for convenience stores under the SHOPCO name and will unveil a new leadership team, logo and strategic plan.

FBT Enterprises is co-owned by Tom Morris, David Bird, Neil Keller, Michael Shuttlesworth and Sam Glenney, all of whom currently serve SHOPCO USA in leadership roles and will serve as officers on the board of directors.

“While remaining dedicated to superior customer service, high quality products, creative designs and short lead times, SHOPCO’s new management is eager to introduce a new strategic plan for its much-anticipated growth,” said Tom Morris, president and new co-owner of SHOPCO USA.

“By harnessing our current success, we plan to reinvigorate SHOPCO by integrating more diverse and high-volume customers to the business portfolio, proactively rectifying ongoing infrastructure needs and assessing our processes and business models.” 

SHOPCO plans to implement changes to the company’s infrastructure, including a new IT support team, new software updates and a new warehouse inventory system. Additionally, SHOPCO’s new management team will focus on employee satisfaction, evaluating benefits and work schedules, to create a more competitive workplace for its employees.

“In our new roles as owners of SHOPCO, we are committed to accountability, responsibility and transparency. We are ready to make the investment to shift the narrative, transform the brand to being top of mind to our potential new customers and lead change,” said Morris. “We offer the best products in the marketplace and are committed to providing exemplary customer service. We are poised for growth and look forward to the future of the new SHOPCO.”

Meanwhile, JTM Foods (dba JJ’s Bakery) announced its acquisition of Cookies-n-Milk, a family-owned and -operated producer of edible cookie dough bites, individually wrapped cookies and brownies, packaged donut holes and ready-to-bake frozen cookie dough for retail operators.

“Cookies-n-Milk is an excellent fit with the JTM portfolio,” said Monty Pooley, CEO and president of JTM Foods. “Our combined portfolio will drive profitable growth for our customers, JTM Foods and Cookies-n-Milk.”

Cookies-n-Milk produces are made daily from scratch using quality ingredients and delivered nationally from their production facility in McKinney Texas.

“Cookies-n-Milk is honored to become a part of the JTM Foods family with its ‘Values Based’ operating environment and culture that provides a foundation of sustainable and reliable ‘Best in Class’ product excellence,” said Mike Blasko, founder and president of Cookies-n-Milk.

Pooley noted that JTM, along with its Equity Partner Tenex Capital Management, is “looking forward to working with our new Cookies-n-Milk associates to enhance our ability to better meet and exceed the needs of our retail customers while expanding our offerings across dynamic sweet baked goods categories.”