Top 5 Convenience Corner Blog Posts of 2023

NACS Daily prepares for 2024 by looking back at the top Convenience Corner posts of this year.

December 20, 2023

From gas prices to food, to credit card swipe fees, road trips and electric vehicles, the Convenience Corner blog showcases the dynamic convenience retail environment. As we approach 2024, NACS Daily is taking a look back at 2023. Today we’re featuring some of the top Convenience Corner blog posts.

1. Does the President Control Gas Prices?

Updated: 11/13/23

Turns out that U.S. presidents have very little control over the price per gallon consumers pay at the pump.

2. What It’s Like To Drive an EV for the First Time

Originally posted: 7/28/23

From personal experience, there are ample opportunities to better educate drivers on the basics of operating an electric vehicle.

3. What We Saw and Heard at the NACS SOI Summit

Originally posted: 5/1/23

2022 industry performance metrics shed light on the future of convenience retail.

4. Road Trips for the Win

Originally posted: 9/6/23

We took the road trip concept for a test drive, visiting more than 70 convenience stores in multiple states and two countries.

5. What’s Going On With Credit Card Swipe Fees?

Originally posted: 6/9/23

This post covers why retailers and consumers should care about swipe fees, and what they can do about it.

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