Domino’s Sticks to Delivery by Employees

The pizza chain won’t be outsourcing the delivery of its pizzas.

February 23, 2018

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – While other restaurants are tapping DoorDash, Lyft and Uber Eats to transfer orders to customers, Domino’s Pizza will not be outsourcing its delivery, USA Today reports. “The efficiency of the delivery process is something we know and understand very, very well. That’s not something you’re ever going to see us outsource,” CEO J. Patrick Doyle said during a call with analysts. “The only way to bring a long-term competitive advantage is to do it yourself.”

Handling delivery in-house provides Domino’s with a public face—and a better bottom line. Domino’s also saves money by delivering with its own drivers, keeping the cost lower for customers. The pizza chain is also experimenting with driverless cars for deliveries.

“They’ve done it themselves forever. They own the connection with the customer. If the pizza is screwed up, they can fix [it],” said restaurant consultant John Gordon with Pacific Management Consulting Group. “There’s no third-party guy running around for 45 minutes.”

Yum Brands, owner of Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC, announced earlier that GrubHub will be delivery online orders as part of a partnership that includes a $200 million investment in the company from Yum Brands. However, Pizza Hut would continue to operate its own delivery for now. Wendy’s has tapped DoorDash to deliver at some locations, while McDonald’s McDelivery is handled by Uber Eats.