Grocers Lower Costs by Reducing Carbon Footprint

LED lighting and thermal energy storage are the newest green energy solutions for grocers.

August 21, 2018

WASHINGTON – According to FoodDive, grocers and retailers quickly are realizing the benefits of green energy solutions that trim costs, reduce their carbon footprint and improve the customer experience.

Walmart says it reduced costs by more than $100 million by installing LED light fixtures—resulting in a 12% reduction in energy use per square foot since 2010. Reports in savings also have inspired Meijer to use 100% interior LED lighting by 2021, which the company says will reduce its electrical use for lighting by as much as 50% each year.

Other areas such as refrigeration present an opportunity to become more green as well. Refrigeration can make up 60% of energy costs for grocers, but newer tech-savvy equipment can reduce energy by 30% to 50%.

The incentive to go green and implement sustainable initiatives comes from millennial consumer demand as well as the need to save on operational costs. Grocers could invest savings into opportunities such as store remodels, e-commerce platforms and other technology initiatives that better position them in the competitive grocery market.