Full-service Gas Stations Continue to Wow Customers

These days, fewer operators offer full service at the pump, but the ones that do have a loyal following.

August 20, 2018

LEXINGTON, Ky. – When Kermit Dixon opened Dixon’s Service Center in 1973, 11 other full-service filling stations dotted the street. Today, he’s the only gas station left in the entire city of Lexington who still operates with attendants who pump your gas and clean your windshield, the Herald-Leader reports. “I know I’m the last,” he said. “[We’re] like dinosaurs, you can’t hardly find one anymore.”

Dixon’s has very loyal customers who enjoy the extra service and personal touch offered at the station’s single, full-service pump. The other nine pumps are self-serve. “I drive 3,000 miles a week, so service is important,” said regular customer William Bronston. “And Kermit is the only guy I know of who’ll still pump your gas, wash your windshield and check your tires. You can’t find that anymore.”

Down in Olmos Park, Texas, another full-service gas station uses vintage pumps to dispense gasoline, KSAT-TV reports. The Olmos Park Chevron & Auto Center fills the tank, checks tire pressure and fluids, plus cleans the windshield. Owner Gus Velesiotis has run the station for more than a quarter century.

“A lot of people, they are busy. They have no time to check the oil. They have no time to check their tires,” he said. The station has a small seating area where customers can relax while an attendant takes care of their vehicles.

“The new high-tech game has changed the whole business,” Velesiotis said, adding that it’s the personal relationships that has kept his business going. “My business has been beautiful, success. I appreciate the people. And I will try my best to always serve my community.”