Pizza Inn Unveils C-Store Concept

Chain is focusing on non-traditional development at locations such as convenience stores and airports.

December 11, 2017

DALLAS – Pizza Inn, a nearly 60-year-old pizza chain, announced last week a new prototype for convenience stores called Pizza Inn Express, or PIE for short.

Scott Crane, CEO of Pizza Inn’s parent company, Rave Restaurant Group Inc., noted that the c-store industry is a huge business, referencing NACS State of the Industry data. "This could be a game-changer for Pizza Inn as we tap into new markets and expansion opportunities for our flagship brand. We're already seeing great interest from existing and potential franchisees who see this model as a new way to serve customers the same iconic, quality pizza they have come to expect, but in a faster setting."

Geared towards convenience stores, but also an airport or entertainment venue option, the company says that the licensing deal for Pizza Inn Express will allow customers to order and pay at a kiosk for grab-and-go or pick up their food at a designated spot. Pizza Inn expects to have its first prototypes operating within the next 90 days.

"The PIE kiosk is attractive to non-traditional operators because it allows them to move quickly, be nimbler and react to changes in customer traffic and facilities, all at a minimal investment," said Bob Bafundo, president of Pizza Inn. "It's a branded concept that's attractive enough to be the permanent centerpiece in a travel center or airport, yet nimble enough to provide the same benefits traditional operators get from a food truck."

Pizza Inn Express was developed as a new strategy to compliment the expansion and new initiatives at Pizza Inn, according to the company.