Retailer Finds Four Skimmers in One Month

A local Charlotte gas station found an illegal skimmer four times at the pump within the same month.

June 08, 2017

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Local police in Charlotte are trying to solve how one gas station became the victim of four skimming incidents within the same month, reports WSOC TV.

The news source reports that, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg police reports, a worker servicing a pump found a skimming device on May 8. Four days later, two more skimming devices were found on two different gas pumps. Then, on May 19, another skimming device was found. In January, reports of two card skimmers were found at the same station. A reporter asked the store manager how often employees check the tamper-evident red tape at each pump, and he said they check it every day when replacing trash bags. The incidents are under investigation.

Skimming occurs when criminals open and insert skimming devices in unattended PIN-entry devices. The criminals can then download personal information from credit/debit cards, leading to identity theft. The good news is that to combat this problem, fuel pump tamper-evident labels have been developed as a simple and cost-effective way to lower fraud.

Many retailers use the NACS WeCare Tamper-Evident Decals to reduce the risk of skimming at fuel dispensers. The tamper-evident labels are placed on dispenser door entries, which help identify potential security breaches if skimming devices are inserted at fuel dispensers. If the label is lifted to open a dispenser door and insert a skimming device, a “void” message appears on the label, providing a visual alert to store employees so that additional action can be taken. Because the labels clearly indicate that they prevent tampering, the labels also assure customers that their data is secure, and discourage criminals targeting the store.

To date, more than 3 million NACS WeCare Tamper-Evident Decals are in use at convenience and fuel retail locations in the United States. Used in coordination with the decals is the SkimDefend app, powered by Pinnacle Corporation.

Pinnacle’s app (when installed on a mobile device) will scan and log the unique characteristic of each WeCare decal and locally store the site, time, pump number and decal ID information. Retailers can then use this information (stored digitally) to track any/all pump (CRIND) intrusions and thereby proactively combat skimming efforts, as well as maintain forensic evidence for authorities in the event a skimmer is eventually discovered, as well as help comply with PCI 3.1 guidelines.

Since 2008, NACS and Conexxus have offered convenience and fuel retailers the resources and tools they need to proactively initiate and maintain effective payment security procedures that help reduce the occurrence of skimming.