Pringles Gets LOUD

Kellogg is giving Pringles a bold new look and several new flavor profiles.

January 10, 2017

NEW YORK – Fortune writes that Kellogg is unveiling a new brand under the company's Pringles chip line, calling it Pringles LOUD. The new line, which uses corn and grain-based crisps instead of potato in the core portfolio, is going to be sold in new flavors including Mighty Margarita Pizza, Spicy Queso and Fiery Chili Lime.

Kurt Simon, a senior director of brand marketing at Kellogg, told Fortune that consumers are always looking for something new in snacking. Within the convenience channel, salty snacks is the largest of the center store categories (salty snacks, candy, packaged sweet snacks, alternative snacks) in terms of sales and gross profit dollars. 

"We do flavor innovation every year, looking at what's happening in salty snacks or even more broadly in food," Simon told Fortune, noting that Pringles has about 30 flavors on store shelves.

According to the news source, the goal of Pringles LOUD is to combine two innovations the brand has already tackled in the past but never combined: corn/grain-based chips and bolder flavors. While Pringles experiments with flavors each year, LOUD is in it for the long-term.

"Taste is king and the consumer wants great-tasting food and they aren't willing to sacrifice for that," Simon told Forbes, adding that with most salty snacks, Americans who reach for potato chips have made the choice to indulge and are shopping on flavor and price—not health benefits.

Pringles LOUD will hit store shelves this month.