7-Elevens in Central Florida Post Anti-Skimming Stickers

Company aims to make customers aware of their efforts to protect consumer information.

April 25, 2014

ORLANDO, Fla. – The anti-fraud stickers are red with black lettering and read: “Security seal. 7-11 Cares about your ID. Please Report Immediately if 'VOID OPEN' appears.” 

According to an article on ClickOrlando.com, 7-Eleven dispensers across Central Florida have been sealed with stickers covering the lock box that contains the pump’s card reader. If the tape is cut, torn, removed or tampered with in any way, it begins to change color and eventually reveals the words “VOID OPEN,” alerting customers to a possible security breach.

A 7-Eleven spokesperson told Local 6 that every store is instructed to keep the stickers on hand and check the integrity of the stickers daily. “Store personnel need to break seals each time they have to change the customer-receipt tape and then replace with a new seal,” said Margaret Chabris, director of corporate communications at 7-Eleven.

Of course, the stickers are effective only if a customer knows to look for it. 

NACS also provides tamper evident stickers for use by retailers, as part of its WeCare program.