Kwik Trip Joins Partnership for a Healthier America

The Wisconsin-based convenience store chain, along with Dannon and Del Monte, announced new commitments aimed at ending childhood obesity.

March 17, 2014

WASHINGTON – Last week at the Partnership for a Healthier America's (PHA) Building a Healthier Future Summit, Kwik Trip, Dannon and Del Monte announced new commitments to make healthier choices more accessible and affordable for busy parents and families. PHA works with the private sector and PHA honorary chair First Lady Michelle Obama to solve childhood obesity.

Kwik Trip, a family-owned business that runs more than 440 convenience stores and other outlets in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, was recognized during the plenary session on Friday. It is the first convenience store chain to be recognized by PHA. PHA announced that the company committed to improving healthier food access and implementing a new EATSmart program and other policies that promote healthy habits among consumers. Kwik Trip will also start a Healthy Concessions Program that allows organizations to purchase healthier items at discounted prices to use in their fundraising efforts.

“Kwik Trip proud to address the problem of food deserts in the markets that we serve,” said Kwik Trip Vice President of Support Operations Steve Loehr. “Making fresh fruits, vegetables and other healthy choices available at prices that are accessible to everyone has been an ongoing commitment at Kwik Trip. And we hope very much that our example will encourage other businesses to join in this very important initiative.”

"Innovation has always proven critical when exploring solutions to our nation's health, and the commitments made by Dannon, Del Monte and Kwik Trip are examples of how the private sector can transform and innovate to address the needs of society," said Larry Soler, president and CEO of Partnership for a Healthier America. "Each year we are getting closer to our goal to build a healthier nation and solve the childhood obesity crisis. And that is because of the leadership from organizations such as Dannon, Del Monte and Kwik Trip, as well as Sodexo, Nutri Ventures, Knowledge Universe, FirstBIKE, UnityPoint Health-Trinity, Eskenazi Health, Meridian and St. Luke's Hospital, which announced their commitments yesterday."

First Lady Michelle Obama concluded the Summit by thanking Kwik Trip and the other two companies, saying that their commitments were “major steps” and that “we are extremely grateful.”