NACS State of the Industry Talent Insights Dashboard

The most trusted source for convenience retail industry data and benchmarks designed to elevate and inform your human resources decisions is now an interactive digital tool. 

The new NACS State of the Industry Talent Insights Dashboard® provides convenience human resource benchmarking data, highlighting the key categories of compensation, turnover, benefits, and recruitment. It’s all the same data and insights you’re used to seeing in the former Compensation Report, wholly collected from convenience retailers; it is considered an essential guide for HR professionals in the convenience retail industry. Purchase either the last 12 months or the most recent five years’ worth of data.

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Talent Insights Dashboard Details 

Today’s competitive retail market positions convenience stores in the same labor pool as every channel of trade that wants to attract, hire and retain the best talent. To stand out among the crowd, human resource professionals must keep up with the rapid pace of change by developing and implementing compensation strategies that can help them succeed. The foundation for this success is a data-driven strategy that informs decision making and execution.

Considered an essential dashboard for HR professionals in the convenience channel for more than 40 years, the NACS State of the Industry Talent Insights Dashboard® is the industry’s premier compensation benchmarking resource. This year’s survey provides the latest data, trends and best practices on compensation, benefits, recruitment and turnover as reported by 103 retail companies, representing more than 50,000 stores of all sizes and over 315,000 employees.

The dashboard will help you:

  • Benchmark against comprehensive, retailer-supplied data to offer differentiated compensation and incentive programs.
  • Design a competitive strategy to recruit and retain corporate, operations and store-level personnel.
  • Build high-performing, efficient teams through insights on screening, hiring and training practices from leading retailers.

Who It’s For & What’s Included

  • Convenience Retail Human Resource Professionals: Stay competitive with data and analysis that make it easier to attract and retain top talent. Get an insider’s look at aggregate human resource metrics in key areas such as salaries, benefits, recruitment and retention.
    • Salaries: Find data on annual base salaries and dollar values for 16 executive-level positions, 13 operations positions and 10 store-level positions.
    • Benefits: Explore the health insurance and other benefits programs offered by convenience retailers nationwide.
    • Turnover: See metrics on turnover for corporate, operational, and store-level employees as well as 30-/60-/90-day turnover rates.
    • Recruitment and Retention: Get insights on the number and types of screening, assessment and interviews held to hire top talent, as well as key metrics on cost to hire, acceptance rates, absenteeism and more.

Format & Delivery

Upon purchase, you will receive immediate access to the dashboard by logging in to your NACS account. The dashboard link will be available under My NACS–My Purchased Content. 

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Research Methodology

NACS has compiled and presented compensation data for the U.S. convenience store industry since 1978. This annual publication covers in-depth data on the critical human resource metrics of our industry: compensation, benefits, recruitment and turnover. All the data in this report, except where noted otherwise, are based on the data submitted by retail companies participating in the annual NACS Compensation Survey.

Intellectual Property Rights

The NACS State of the Industry Talent Insights Dashboard® and all data therein is/are exclusive property of The National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) and contains valuable proprietary information of NACS (unless otherwise specified). NACS retains all copyrights to all content under 17 U.S.C. Section 106, and such content is protected by US and international law. The report and all contents may only be disseminated to those who have purchased the report and their employees who have a need for the information contained in it. Any reproduction, preparation of derivative works, distribution, public performance or display, disclosure, and/or use of all, or any portion, of the materials in any form or medium, including without limitation, posting any material on a website, sharing in a webinar or distributing copies of any material to customers, without specific written authorization from NACS is strictly prohibited.

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