Stinker Stores Helps End Hunger

Convenience store chain raises more than $80,000 through its Stomp Out Hunger campaign.
November 27, 2017

BOISE, Idaho – Stinker Stores is celebrating a record-breaking effort in its annual Stomp Out Hunger campaign. This year, from November 3-13, Stinker Stores customer in Idaho were encouraged to add donations on their final totals at the register. Stinker Stores officials tabulated those donations and informed The Idaho Foodbank that this year’s total breaks last year’s record-setting fundraiser.

Customers donated $56,772 and Stinker Stores adding another $25,000. The total amount, $81,772, is enough to provide the food for 408,860 meals. Last year, customers donated $51,614. With the same generous match from Stinker, the total of $76,614 was enough to provide the food for 383,070 meals.

The donation comes as the Foodbank endeavors to provide the food for three million meals in the last two months of the year.

“Every year, we’re astonished by the generosity of Stinker Stores, their owners Charley and Nancy Jones and the customers who make this campaign possible,” said Karen Vauk, president and CEO of The Idaho Foodbank. “Somehow, they all work together to continually out-do themselves and we’re so honored to make sure these 408,000 meals go to the Idahoans who need them the most.”