Walmart Adds Premium Coffee Brand

Mash-Up Coffee aims to shake up Amazon and Whole Foods.
August 09, 2018

BENTONVILLE, Arkansas – Walmart is ramping up a battle with Amazon and its grocery arm, Whole Foods, as it rolls out a new line of organic coffee made by a roaster in Colorado, Bloomberg reports.

Mash-Up Coffee, produced by Boyer’s Coffee of Denver, will be offered exclusively at more than 1,200 Walmart stores and on the Mash-Up website. According to a description on the coffee’s package, “Mash-Up” is a noun that summarizes “the art and science of fusing two or more single origins into one awesome coffee.”

Mash-Up will sell for around $7 a bag or about the same price as the Starbucks bag sold at Walmart, which typically is at the high end of coffee for the retailer.

Many U.S. consumers, who moved first from Folgers and Maxwell House to Starbucks, continue to seek even more fashionable forms of coffee. Last year, Walmart contacted Boyer’s Coffee of Denver seeking more information about the “third wave” of coffee. The term “third wave” refers to the premiumization of coffee, a major trend in java.