Chick-fil-A Experiments with Electronic Butler Bell

Three Texas locations have seen a boost in sales and hospitality scores after installing the tabletop device.
July 13, 2018

ATLANTA – Several Chick-fil-A stores are experimenting with Kallpod, a small device that sits on each dining table and enables customers to fill a second food order, request a manager or call a staff member. When pushed, a service staff member will receive an alert on their smartwatch to assist customers.

Currently available in three Texas locations, the idea began when Houston franchise owner Joseph DeCola saw the device during his honeymoon at the Four Seasons in Maui, deciding to install it in his location. Devin Deshotel, an area manager, installed the devices in two other Texas locations in Wallisville (the chain’s second-busiest location) and Uvalde.

The results so far are positive: Both sales and hospitality scores from customer surveys have increased. Deshotel said revenue increased after installing the device, attributing the boost to giving diners an easier way to order more.

"It's all about the experience of the guest," Deshotel told CNBC. "Of course, greater financial returns are great, but that wasn't the thought process when getting [Kallpod]. It was always about continuing to provide a remarkable experience."

CNBC reports that “while Chick-fil-A restaurants are individually-owned and there is no plan to add Kallpod to all of the company's locations, Deshotel said that there is already interest among other owners to bring the technology to more stores.”