Filling Up With Healthy Gas Station Food

An Iowa man commits to eating at convenience stores for 30 days to prove it’s possible to find healthful options.
June 03, 2016

DES MOINES, Iowa – During the late 1990s, Jared Fogle ate at Subway restaurants and dropped 200 pounds. In 2004, Morgan Spurlock ate at McDonald’s for a month, had less favorable results than Fogle, and made the documentary “Super Size Me.” Now, Frank Beard, a Des Moines resident, has decided to eat at convenience stores for 30 days, WHO-HD TV reports.

Beard, who travels during the week for his job, changed his eating habits to focus on more healthful options and lost 80 pounds. His “30 Days of Gas Station Food” is part of an Instagram experiment he concocted to show a person can eat healthy on the go.

“Gas stations can be really difficult, in fact. It’s easy around here, but some states just don’t have any good gas stations,” he said. “So, I thought, ‘That’s what I’ll do, for 30 days. I’ll eat food only from gas stations, and I’ll track everything on MyFitnessPal to show that I’m still healthy.”

Two weeks into his project, Beard said that he’s already showed he can eat healthy even at convenience stores—and he’s lost 3 pounds to prove it. “You always hear the same story, which is, ‘I was losing weight, but then I had to eat out a lot because of work, or because my family, and put on 20 pounds.’ So I think when people see me eating at gas stations—which are far more difficult than a restaurant—and they see that I’m not only staying at my weight, but I’m actually losing a few pounds, it’s encouraging for them, because it gives them hope that this is not an excuse for their own issues,” he said.