A Natural, Organic Alternative

A Pennsylvania convenience store chain specializes in organic and natural foods, as well as gasoline, diesel and compressed natural gas.
February 12, 2018

PITTSBURGH – Cleopatra Resources combines natural and organic foods inside its American Natural convenience store chain with gasoline, diesel and compressed natural gas (CNG) outside, Rigzone reports.

The store has a “Whole Foods” vibe with its craft beers, gourmet pizzas, organic snacks and specialty coffees. But you can still find traditional convenience store items there as well, according to Jennifer Pomerantz, chairman and CEO of Cleopatra. “We have no knowledge of anyone else doing it,” she added.

Premium and locally sourced products gives American Natural customers another reason to stop by the store, which has locations in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. The chain decided to sell CNG as “more of a commercial diesel substitute” than for the average driver, Pomerantz said. “That’s just a medium-term reality for the product. … People are more and more open to using alternative energy products, provided they’re affordable and that they can still have adequate space in the trunk.”

Although she’s won’t speculate on whether U.S. passenger vehicles will be making a wholesale switch to CNG fuel, she does see growth potential in CNG. “I think that it’s a very exciting part of the change underway in the natural gas industry,” Pomerantz said. “There hasn’t always been an opportunity for a sector change for natural gas—to add value both at the well pad and at the pump.”