Gas Price Resources Take the Mystery Out of Fill-ups

NACS has resources to help you explain current market conditions.

March 25, 2024

Over the past month gas prices have increased nearly 30 cents per gallon and so have consumer concerns about these rising prices.

Thankfully, NACS has resources to explain market conditions.

For nearly two decades, NACS has published online Fuels Resource Center updates every spring to help tell the industry’s story and answer common questions that consumers have about the makeup of the industry and how fuel is sold. After all, convenience stores sell an estimated 80% of the fuel sold in the United States.

The Fuels Resource Center also includes plenty of facts and figures and even some fun tangents that tie into the history of fueling. (Look for shout-outs to Col. Sanders, Steve Martin and Sammy Hagar in The History of Fuels Retailing.)

NACS shares these resources with reporters and public opinion leaders to help build awareness about the importance of our industry. Feel free to also share backgrounders with reporters and customers in your market. Some of the most downloaded backgrounders are:

The topic of fueling and gas prices will continue to increase during the annual spring transition to summer-blend fuel, and you can be sure that the presidential candidates will refer to gas prices in their talking points. Here are some recent fuels-related blog posts, including our most popular one, which explains how much control politicians really have over the price at the pump:

You can find the complete Fuels Resource Center at And look for more fuels insights in the April 2024 issue of NACS Magazine, which will debut findings from the latest NACS consumer survey.

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