Han-Dee Hugo’s Revamps App and Loyalty Program

The company partnered with Liquid Barcodes.

March 14, 2024

Sampson Bladen Oil Company, dba Han-Dee Hugo’s, has chosen Liquid Barcodes as its full-service loyalty platform. The platform will include a customer loyalty program and a digital app-based car wash subscription service, according to a Liquid Barcodes press release.

The loyalty program offered on Han-Dee Hugo’s new mobile app, created with Rovertown, will offer customers digital stamp cards, a store locator app, rewards and perks for birthdays, friend referrals, gamification and more.

The press release touts the refreshed design of the app, as well as the simplicity of the loyalty and car wash subscription program. In the app, customers can choose from several car wash subscription packages for a contactless car wash experience.

Liquid Barcode’s recently received its Verifone loyalty integration certification, allowing the app and loyalty program to seamlessly integrate with Han-Dee Hugo’s Verifone POS system. Additionally, the company said the back-end application integrates with product scan data to ensure age-restricted products are accurately and appropriately marketed with a reporting loop to the respective organizations.

Sampson Bladen Oil Company is headquartered in Clinton, North Carolina, and operates 110 convenience stores with 25 car washes.