Take the Swipe Fee Fight to Your Store

NACS gives retailers resources to support the Credit Card Competition Act at the store level.

September 14, 2023

The battle is on in DC over credit card swipe fees, and NACS needs your help sending a message to your elected officials. Over the last month alone, the banking industry has spent millions of dollars to stop legislation that would finally make Visa, Mastercard and their issuing banks compete for your business. We need your help in this fight.

Convenience stores are uniquely positioned with half of America visiting one of our 150,000 locations every single day. This is why NACS is launching a massive grassroots campaign down to the store level in support of thetarget="”_blank” Credit Card Competition Act.

If passed, the Credit Card Competition Act would result in $15 billion in savings annually, which totals about $9,000 per convenience store per year.

NACS is asking convenience retailers to download and install pump toppers and window displays at their stores as soon as possible. It’s critical that lawmakers actually see the widespread support for the Credit Card Competition Act across the country, from single store owners to multistate operators.

These displays are accessible on our website. There are multiple versions you can choose from, and each style comes in a variety of sizes. If your Member of Congress is already a supporter of the Credit Card Competition Act, we have “Thank You” displays ready for download and installation as well.

This is a fight the convenience industry can win with your help. For more information, reach out to Margaret Hardin at mhardin@convenience.org.