Convenience Technology Vision Group Releases Report About Industry POS Issues

CTVG held a special breakout session to discuss POS concerns from members.

November 17, 2023

The Convenience Technology Vision Group held a special breakout session in October at the request of members who voiced concerns about POS systems in the convenience and retail industry. Five POS providers were invited to attend to hear firsthand from members what was top of mind from the retail side: Flooid, GK Software SE, Invenco by GVR, PDI Technologies and Verifone.

The topics of concern discussed during the session included:

  • Decoupling POS: Separating systems and functions to provide more flexibility.
  • Major oil companies: The necessary involvement of major oil companies in technology decisions and mandates was cited as an obstacle.
  • Foodservice as the future: Discussions focused on the complexity of integrating kiosks, kitchen management systems, payment and POS systems.
  • Unique needs of independent operators: Acknowledging the financial constraints and lack of in-house technology expertise for smaller retailers.
  • Integration challenges: Seamlessly integrating promotions, marketing efforts and mobile apps.

Mike Templeton, director of digital experience, Casey’s, noted, “I like the way that people are talking about [unified commerce], but I think it’ll be a little bit of a wait and see. Because certainly we’re not there yet and it probably means we need to move to something else, but how that’ll come together I think probably has yet to be written.”

With regards to integration, the report noted, “Vision Group Network Co-Founder Roy Strasburger summed up the diverse needs of a retailer to make all the things work together by saying, ‘Our POS systems are becoming a competitive disadvantage in attracting the customers who don’t have to come to us for gasoline.’”