The U.S. Economic Census Is Coming

If your business is chosen to participate, you are required by law to reply.

January 30, 2023

WASHINGTON—Over four million employers will receive forms from the U.S. Census Bureau to report 2022 year-end numbers for the economic census. Businesses should begin receiving forms on January 31.

If a business is chosen to participate, it is required by law to reply online by March 15. Responses are confidential and used only for statistical purposes.

Every five years, the economic census tracks America’s industries, workforce and sales by product and service type. It collects essential data such as ownership, business functions, locations, number of employees and 2022 year-end payroll and revenue.

Economic census data provides critical insights on every industry and market at national, state and local levels. Results help determine the gross domestic product and other leading economic indicators.

To reduce the burden on the business community, not all companies are chosen to participate in the economic census. 

More information is available via the U.S. Census Bureau.