Proven Ways to Upgrade Your Outdated Hiring Process

If you haven’t taken a hard look at how you are hiring in the past two years, it’s time for a revamp.

November 15, 2022

This article is brought to you by Sprockets.

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—The hiring process you’ve been using is likely not serving your business today. The labor market has changed exponentially over the past couple of years, and it’s time to give your hiring process a revamp.

“The labor shortage impacting the U.S. and an impending recession are having profound changes on how workers engage with their employers,” said Zach Matook, director of Marketing at Sprockets, a provider of AI-powered hiring software. “However, the solution to succeeding in today’s hiring environment is linked to a company’s current top performers.”

According to Matook, your top performers hold the key to retaining an engaged, cohesive staff who will stay long-term. Businesses should leverage the strengths of their top employees and find more applicants with similar personality traits.

To help sift through the labor pool and find those potential top performers, Sprockets offers four steps to improving a convenience store’s hiring process, which are further detailed in its e-book “Why Your Hiring Process Is Broken and How to Fix It.”

The first solution is to replace legacy systems with more modern HR tech solutions, including applicant tracking systems, background checks and AI screening tools to keep pace with the latest tech trends.

“Sixty-eight percent of hiring professionals say the best way to improve performance is by investing in new technology,” said Matook. “Avoiding technology upgrades can cost employers in the long run through high employee turnover.”

The second solution is for retailers to rethink their recruitment process and stop wasting time on bad interviews. Employers have to be selective in their application-screening process—even if the applicant pool is shallow. Outside of being selective about potential candidates, Sprockets points to the power of promoting internally.

“A current top performer could be the best candidate for a job opening, even if their present job title doesn’t directly apply. Current employees retain information faster, so they can more easily be trained in another role. Plus there are numerous benefits that come with an internal hire that make up for lack of direct experience,” said Matook. “They are immersed in the culture already, and you know they get along well with their colleagues.”

Social media is also a tool not to be underestimated, according to Sprockets. Consider each channel a free marketing platform for your business. Also, retailers should optimize their job posting with descriptions that are 100 to 300 words and be crystal clear about job responsibilities, required skills and wage details.

Learn about the remaining two solutions to fix your broken hiring process in Sprockets’ e-book “Why Your Hiring Process Is Broken and How to Fix It.” Also, find out how one c-store retailer implemented the right HR assessment tool for its hiring process in the Thursday, November 17 edition of NACS Daily.

This is the first installment of a two-part NACS Daily series on how convenience retailers can improve their current employee hiring process. Learn more about Sprockets.