Health Benefits Give C-Stores the Competitive Edge to Hire, Retain Workers

Companies can no longer offer standard health benefits—they must be low-cost and reliable, too.

June 30, 2022

logo_light_bg_stacked.pngThis article is brought to you by Imagine360.

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Amid the tightest labor markets in decades, convenience retailers need more solutions to attract employees and innovative ways to retain their current staff. Competition for workers is fierce, and a quality, low-cost health insurance offer sets c-store employers apart.

“The Great Resignation is still happening, and convenience retailers need to get ahead of it. A health insurance plan that doesn’t cost employees a significant amount of their paychecks can be the deciding factor for why someone chooses to work for a c-store over another competitor,” said Jeff Bak, president and CEO of Imagine360.

Imagine360 is a self-funded health insurance plan that not only saves companies money but also helps put money back into the pockets of their employees. Imagine360’s plans typically save businesses 15-30% compared with traditional PPO insurance health plans.

“Many companies either put that savings back into employees’ paychecks or they invest in better benefits for workers or into growing the company,” said Bak. “We’ve seen proof how this method increases retention and attracts more and better talent for our clients.”

Imagine360 offers a total health plan solution that combines the financial savings of reference-based pricing with seamless benefits administration and concierge-level member support. It’s a turn-key solution that has built in support for the HR team and care navigation support for members to ensure they see quality providers.

The organization also leverages partnerships with premier health systems in 12 metro areas, so employers can offer their workers better-than-market rates.

“Re-thinking your health-care plan can be a game changer for your business as you look to recruit and retain employees,” said Bak. “While our solution cuts the astronomical cost of health care, we are simultaneously committed to ensuring exceptional member services. We have a 98% member satisfaction rate, and our clients give us high marks, too, with a net promoter score of 72.”

Imagine360 helped a major auto dealer experiencing annual health plan cost increases of 30% from traditional insurance carriers. They were able to jump in and provide the company with a health plan solution that saved them 31% in health-care costs versus traditional carriers. The auto dealer also had a full three years without any cost increases, and its employees’ out-of-pocket costs through the plan’s provider partners were cut in half.

See here how ditching your traditional and costly PPO plan for a low-cost and reliable health-care solution like Imagine360 can help give your business the competitive edge it needs.

This is the second installment of a two-part NACS Daily series on how a low-cost, reliable health insurance plan can help attract and retain employees. Learn more about Imagine360’s health-care solutions.