Fortune Outlines Five Behaviors of Walmart Customers

As the nation’s largest retailer, the trends impacting Walmart shoppers could also impact your store.

March 10, 2017

BENTONVILLE, Ark. – Walmart, the nation’s biggest retailer, sees 140 million shoppers pass through its doors each week. Recently, the discount chain asked marketing firm Quid to analyze Walmart data to identify shopping trends. Fortune parsed out five habits of Walmart customers.

1. Quick meals. The data showed that fully cooked rotisserie chicken sales rose nearly 10% since 2015. That pointed to a growing desire among consumers for nutrition and convenience when it came to meals. Slow cookers also had a 10% increase in sales from 2015 to 2016, which the report deemed “one of the easiest ways to quickly make meals for a family.”

2. Healthful property foods. Turmeric and garlic supplements jumped 30% over the past 24 months, indicating that families are turning to preventative methods to stay healthy. Sales of OTC products have risen close to 10% over the past two years, with probiotics at the forefront.

3. STEM-focused toys. Sales of educational and scientific toys accelerated 24% over the last year. Parents appear to appease their children’s desire for screen time and technology with STEM-focused digital products. Robotic toys have been the winners, with sales rising 14% over the past year.

4. Home connection. From smart thermostats to security devices, sales of home connection devices have soared 500% since 2015. Walmart sees this trend as people wanting to have an association with their homes even as they spend time away from home.

5. Home improvement. As confidence in the housing market has been restored post-financial crisis, families are investing in their homes more and more. Home improvement items, such as power tools, have advanced 7% over last year.