Sustainability Solutions in Convenience Retail

Many convenience retailers embrace sustainability solutions as an effective way of meeting their core business objectives.

Improving operational efficiencies is one of the traditional ways that businesses reduce costs. Fortunately, many there are many ways to reduce costs in the convenience store business that create environmental and other sustainability benefits.

Some of the operational projects that convenience retailers implement also address consumer sustainability concerns, such as: 

  • Energy Use: According to the EPA, a traditional convenience store is one of the most energy-intensive small businesses to operate. 
  • Water Use: Some of the biggest drivers of water use in a convenience store are restrooms, kitchens and landscaping irrigation. 
  • Renewable Energy: Some convenience store owners seek further cost savings and environmental benefits by investing in renewable energy sources like solar. 
It’s also important to avoid short-term thinking—sustainable business strategies are not one-off solutions to solve a constantly evolving and long-term issue.

Given the cost of opening a convenience store, it may be tempting to purchase the least expensive equipment. While this practice may reduce upfront costs, over time this could increase the long-term costs of operating the store and yield higher electricity costs.