Skimming and Payments Security

Approximately 39 million Americans fill-up every day and fuel dispensers have become one of many targets for thieves looking to steal credit and debit card information by "skimming," an aggressive tactic used to illegally obtain consumer card data for fraudulent purposes.

Since 2008, NACS and Conexxus have offered convenience and fuel retailers the resources and tools they need to proactively initiate and maintain effective payment security procedures that help reduce the occurrence of skimming.

Latest News

November 30, 2018
U.S. Secret Service Goes After Skimmers
The agency partnered with fuel companies and law enforcement to locate and recover illegal credit card skimming devices.
November 13, 2018
Conexxus Hosts Free Webinars on Fraud and Security
Two webinars scheduled this month will share insights from industry experts.  
November 13, 2018
Credit Card Skimmers on the Rise in Florida
South Florida gas pump thefts rise as scammers get tech savvy.
October 19, 2018
Training Helps Retailers Prevent Skimming
Ready Training Online has released its online training module for helping managers and employees detect skimmers.