In Our Backyard -- Convenience Stores Against Trafficking

Victims of human trafficking can appear in any community or location, truck stops, travel centers and gas stations near highways tend to see frequent use by traffickers and their victims. Longer hours of operation, public restrooms and ease of access increase the likelihood that convenience stores can help victims of human trafficking.


NACS has partnered with IN OUR BACKYARD to play a vital role in ending human trafficking in America. . In Our Backyard’s Convenience Stores Against Trafficking (CSAT) program provides industry-specific materials and education on how to recognize and report human trafficking. CSAT raises public awareness of human trafficking and communicates to customers that the industry cares about those in the greatest need.

What is CSAT

Convenience Stores Against Trafficking (CSAT) is a program of nonprofit IN OUR BACKYARD, engaging the convenience and petroleum industries to play a vital role in the fight against human trafficking. CSAT equips convenience stores with employee training to recognize human trafficking and provides materials to post in stores.

Freedom-Sticker-Image.pngCSAT partners with c-store retailers, petroleum marketers, state associations, and industry suppliers in more than 40 states, representing nearly 13,000 locations.

Free Human Trafficking Awareness Training

Convenience Stores Against Trafficking (CSAT) and Ready Training Online (RTO) have collaborated to release a free, comprehensive program that includes the human trafficking awareness training module Community Heroes: C-Stores Stop Human Trafficking. The e-learning module was designed to teach employees how to recognize the signs of human trafficking and how to respond when trafficking is suspected. Training is a crucial step in turning awareness into action and making a real difference in people’s lives. Ready Training Online, through a partnership with In Our Backyard, is pledging its commitment to help end human trafficking. Access the free training here.


IN OUR BACKYARD, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit known for its anti-trafficking work surrounding the past nine Super Bowls and for the critically acclaimed book by Founder and Executive Director Nita Belles: In Our Backyard: Human Trafficking in America and What We Can Do to Stop It.

To learn more about In Our Backyard and CSAT, contact Juliana Williams, CSAT Program Director,