Convenience Stores Against Trafficking

NACS partnered with In Our Backyard in 2018 to support its Convenience Stores Against Trafficking (CSAT) program. Working together, convenience retailers throughout the United States are raising awareness of human trafficking and identifying victims.

CSAT Resources

CSAT provides training for convenience store employees on how to recognize and safely report human trafficking. Convenience retailers, state convenience retail associations and industry suppliers in 47 states have partnered with CSAT.

Online Training

Ready Training Online and CSAT collaborated on a free video training program that includes the human trafficking awareness training module, Community Heroes: C-Stores Stop Human Trafficking. The e-learning module was designed to teach employees how to recognize the signs of human trafficking and how to respond when trafficking is suspected. Access the free training by using the code CSATRTO.

Freedom Stickers

Public restrooms are often the only place a victim of human trafficking is alone and safe. Convenience stores post Freedom Stickers in restroom stalls with the National Human Trafficking Hotline and a message of hope, creating a pathway to freedom for victims from their traffickers. Victims can call or text to arrange a safety plan and connect to services.

More than 20,000 convenience stores that post Freedom Stickers are already reaching four million people a day. These stickers are free of charge and available on the In Our Backyard website.

In-Person Training

CSAT provides experts in human trafficking who are well-versed in the convenience store industry for training at staff meetings and trade shows upon request. In 2018, CSAT spoke at M-PACT, an IPCA retailer meeting, WOMA, PMAA Executive’s Meeting, POC, the Southern C-Store Show and the Loss Prevention Network Conference. Request training by completing this online form.