NACS Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Matchmaking Program

To promote the availability of electric vehicle chargers at convenience stores, NACS launched the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program. Through this program, NACS has established relationships with organizations interested in supporting the installation of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) at convenience stores. These organizations include the following general groups:

  • Network Charging Companies - companies seeking to install and operate their own equipment at NACS member locations. The EVSE sites are owned by the network companies and would be a part of their branded and maintained charging network. The Network charging companies would manage the design, installation and maintenance, but also generate revenue from sales of electricity.  Oftentimes, the retailer will lease the space to them and focus on in-store sales.
  • Retailer owned Network Charging Sites - companies seeking to conduct the installation or provide technical assistance to facilitate the installation of their branded equipment (Equipment/System Providers and Installers) on your retail site. While you own the site, the EVSE is a part of their charging network, which they will oftentimes promote and market.  Some of these companies will also manage maintenance for a fee and will seek grant funding for you.
  • Equipment/System Providers and Installers - companies seeking to sell and install their own equipment or third-party equipment. Many of them will also source grant funding and manage EVSE maintenance for a fee. Many installers are also available to future proof a new convenience store that doesn’t want to offer EV charging at the current time.
  • Utilities – Many utilities will own and operate their own EV charging sites, but locate them at a convenience store and pay a lease fee. Other utilities offer numerous special programs that include grants, demand charge holidays, special rates or make-ready programs, whereby they cover almost all costs up to the installation of the charging pedestal.  No matter what a retailer wants to do with EVSE, establishing a relationship and working through your utility at an early stage is necessary.

Access the Matchmaking Tool (NACS Members Only)