Emergency Planning Resources

NACS has resources can help convenience retailers create or enhance their disaster planning procedures. Developed alongside the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and FEMA experts, convenience retailers can boost their business’s resiliency as they plan, prepare and recover from a disaster. The resources included on this page include planning guides, task checklists, employee videos and a free mobile app that contains the resources.

Emergency Planning Guides

Guidance provided in these resources was developed from current emergency preparedness and recovery practices from more than 20 convenience retailers located in each region throughout the United States, as well as government regulatory requirements and professional association recommendations.

Retailers should first review the Convenience Store Emergency Planning and Job Evaluation to develop or assess their emergency plans and procedures. The second resource, Convenience Store Emergency Job Aids, contains 20 individual documents that serve as checklists for every situation from assigning emergency coordinators to closing stores, opening stores and communication to media, customers and employees. Not all Job Aids will be applicable to each store given geography and company structure and procedures.

The NACS-branded PDF is available for download below. The open-source Microsoft Word documents are available only to NACS members to customize and add their own logo.


Convenience Store Emergency Planning and Job Aid Evaluation
Overview of the functions needed to protect a store before an emergency, operate a store during an emergency, and restore the business quickly after an event.


Convenience Store Job Aids
Tasks and checklists for specific functions that store employees perform during disaster planning and recovery. The Job Aids can also be used as on-boarding training, refresher training or immediate training when emergency conditions approach.

Convenience Store Emergency Job Aids (Word)
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Webinar: Convenience Store Emergency Planning

Hear how the plans and job aids can be used and modified to fit your store and help your employees during any natural or man-made emergency or disaster.

Emergency Preparedness Training Videos

training.jpgNACS developed these 6 short videos to help convenience retailers and their employees to accompany employee training and could be used as a refresher in an impending emergency situation.

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Mobile App

Screenshot.jpgThe Convenience Store Emergency Planning Resources are now available at your fingertips. Job aids and videos are downloadable and right where employees can access them easily them during an emergency.

The app is simple and free. Go to https://www.spotonresponse.com/register-nacs and complete the brief enrollment. You’ll then download the app on your Apple® iPad® or iPhone® or Android® phone or tablet.