NACS Annual Shopper Study (Previously CTP)

NACS Annual Shopper Study, previously the NACS Convenience Tracking Program (CTP), uses shopper intercepts to capture “moment of truth” shopper insights.

NACS Annual Shopper Study is a research study that conducts live shopper interviews onsite at convenience retail locations. Interviews happen at the “moment of truth”—when customers are entering and exiting stores. The program captures data on: customer frequency, perception, experiential factors, effective promotion and loyalty across channels, including competing c-store brands. The data collected and insights generated inform strategies that increase brand equity and customer loyalty, and ultimately grow profitability for both participating retailers and suppliers.

Insights Provided
  • Brand and location perceptions.
  • Customer profile and visit frequency.
  • Purchase decisions, before and during visit.
  • Purchase intent and missed opportunities.
  • Promotion effectiveness.
  • Loyalty program participation.
  • Competition from other stores and channels.
  • Barriers to converting fuel-only customers.
Past Participants
Program Methodology
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