NACS State of the Industry Survey

Data Submission for NACS State of the Industry of 2021 Data (SOI) Survey is now closed.

More than ever, convenience retailers must take advantage of every tool available to help drive profitable sales in their sites. With over 50 years of financial and operational benchmarks, NACS provides the ultimate tools for industry stakeholders in the State of the Industry Report and the State of the Industry Summit.

The State of the Industry (SOI) Report contains over 200 pages of tables, charts, and analysis of the previous year’s operational data for convenience sites across every region of the United States. The State of the Industry Summit is a numbers-focused gathering that takes place each spring where attendees are given a preview of the not-yet released SOI data and provided opportunities to engage with forward thinking industry experts and network with other data-driven strategists. The SOI enterprise is an invaluable resource for both retailers and suppliers to the convenience retailing industry.

For the second year, NACS Convenience Voices consumer insights data will round out the financial and operational benchmarks found in the report and at the summit. Expanded regional benchmarks will also appear in the SOI report in addition to the summaries that are presented on the SOI Summit stage.

Benefits of Participation

Survey participants will receive:

  • Two digital access licenses to the NACS State of the Industry Report® of 2021 Data
  • One complimentary registration to the 2022 NACS State of the Industry Summit April 12-14, Chicago, Illinois
  • A custom report of your company’s data in comparison to the SOI aggregate data to assist in your internal analysis of your company’s performance 
  • A complimentary regional cut of the 2021 NACS Convenience Voices Data for the region your company is based in

Primary Survey

The driving force behind the SOI is the forward-thinking retailers that understand the value of the aggregate data grows exponentially with their participation. The SOI is the gold standard because its representative sample reflects every region of the U.S., every chain size and provides insight into what makes top performers profitable. Only with continued support from convenience retailers, can the SOI provide the benchmarks to assist in the strategic decision-making process.

The primary SOI survey is linked below, this survey is for retail companies that don’t provide data through CSX or a Study Group subscription. Basic financial and operational metrics such as sales, cost of goods sold and select expenses are required for participation. Instructions and contact information for questions are provided in the downloadable excel form.

Demographics Survey (CSX/Study Group Members)

If you are a current CSX subscriber or FRMC Study Group member, it is even easier to participate in the data submission process. You will only need to ensure that your retail data is current thorough December 2021 and fill out the brief downloadable Demographic Report linked below to complete the submission requirements.

As with all sensitive company data, NACS SOI Survey data is kept completely confidential and will only be used in aggregate for analysis with data from other participating retail companies. The published analysis will be structured to prevent identification of participating companies.