Private Brands in Convenience

NACS_Private-Brands-in-Convenience_cover.jpgConvenience retailer private-branded product offerings have been gradually expanding in recent years. Consumer desire for lower priced, quality products and retailer interest in brand and supply control have prompted growth in private-branded offerings from convenience retailers. This complimentary report examines convenience retail private-brand performance leveraging NIQ year-end data from 2022 and 2021. 

This FREE report will help you understand:

  • Consumer perception of convenience retail private brands
  • Overall convenience retail private-brand sales dollars, units sold, and all commodity volume (ACV) performance
  • Convenience retail private-brand performance relative to national brands
  • Top category & sub-category private-brand performance 

Published in March 2023, this report is best suited for retailers considering the implementation of a private brand program or expanding their private brand into other categories. 

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