Elevating Convenience Retail Delivery: Understanding Shopper Preferences

elevating-convenience-retail_cover.jpgAs consumers increasingly embrace last mile fulfillment solutions, delivery is often at the forefront of redefining “convenience” in the shopper’s mind. Providing delivery can result in many challenges for retailers, especially when it comes to understanding shopper preferences for delivery from convenience retailers. How retailers leverage delivery can extend the reach of store locations but requires a strong understanding for shopper expectations and preferences.

This FREE report helps retailers understand convenience shopper preferences for delivery and provides insight on:

  • Convenience shopper digital ordering tendencies, delivery frequency and delivery type preference
  • A profile of convenience shoppers who order delivery
  • Delivery fees and the impact of free delivery on convenience shoppers 

Published in November 2021, this free report will provide a better understanding for how retailers should structure their delivery efforts.

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