Domestic Retail Membership Dues Calculator

Enter your sales figures to see an estimate of what your annual NACS membership dues will be.


Membership in NACS is NOT tax-deductible as a charitable contribution, but a portion is deductible as a business expense. Since NACS engages in lobbying, under federal law, 59% of your dues for the year 2024 is nondeductible.

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NACS Domestic retail membership dues are calculated on the fee schedule below.
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Total Annual Sales

Annual Dues

Under $6 million


$6 million to $25 million

$250 + $14 per million over $6 million

$25 million to $100 million

$550 + $13 per million over $25 million

Over $100 million

$1,550 + $12 per million over $100 million

Max dues (caps at $2.47 billion)


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Hear From the Members

If you’re not at the table you’re on the menu. The constant education and training I experience as a NACS member has truly matured my ability to effectively advocate around major industry issues and elevate my business.

-- Chris Bambury, Vice President, Bambury Inc